Hanging Veggie Garden

Jar Upcycling by @Brookestyless








6 pieces off cut or recycled timber planks approx. 60cm x 15cm - you could use planks from an old wooden crate  

3x empty Moccona jars  

nails and a hammer  


2 x eye hooks  

rope ~0.5cm - 3 x 45cm long


paint brush  


coloured and chalkboard paint 


veggies that thrive in pots 


1.Wash and dry your empty Moccona jars

2. Using your 3 Moccona jars as a guide, check your scrap timber for your hanging garden for size and map out your jar placements

3. For this garden, we suggest approx. three planks high (~15cm) and wide (~60cm) will be a big enough backplate to fit 3 jars. Grab an extra 3 pieces (x 2 ~45cm, x 1 same width as your backplate) for supporting and constructing.  

4. Lay your 3 longest planks horizontally next to each other, and nail your 2 x supporting planks vertically across the back of your 3 front planks, to create a timber backplate for your veggie garden.

5. Nail your remaining plank horizontally along the bottom front of your backplate, to create a lip for the jars to rest on once in place

TIP: Make sure your nails are shorter than the depth of your plank so you don’t nail all the way through to your tabletop, and add a safety mat beneath your work!

6. Sand all over with sandpaper, or leave it natural for a rustic look 

7. Place your jars vertically in the middle of the backplate with approx. 5cm between each one, and mark a spot on each side of the jars neck to drill a hole.

8. If desired, you can now paint your backplate the colour of your choice!

9. After drilling 6 holes, or after paint is dry, thread each piece of rope from back to front and from front to back again through each pair of holes, and place 1 jar within the loop, before pulling rope tight around the neck on the reverse and securing with knots.

10. Secure the jars on the front by resting them on the lip of timber. 

11. You can now use chalk board paint, and masking tape to mask off 3 rectangles 8cm (w) x 5cm (h) underneath each jar, to create labels by painting within the marked out shape

12. Fill each jar with potting mix and fruit or veg plants or seeds, or you can even reuse food scraps by simply submerging in water and allowing roots to form!

TIP: Veggies like celery, lettuce and spring onions are our favourites to regrow.

Hang in your favourite spot, and enjoy fresh veggies to hand!